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NYC Blogger Brunch X Jacklyn Lune

 Oriane, Monica, Veronica, Me, Lexie, Micaela

Oriane, Monica, Veronica, Me, Lexie, Micaela

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing women in NYC. The Blogger event was created by Monica, who is an Instagram fashionista as well as a jewelry designer; check out her jewelry site here. I met Monica a few months back in Jersey where we had lunch and got to know one another! I love Monica's positive outlook on life and how she just goes for what she wants. It's something I am going to learn to do myself!

I was honestly really happy to have been invited because I myself am not a social person, the irony. So I admit I was really nervous meeting new Instagram fashionista/bloggers because I have met some really stuck up people before and it has made me turn away many events. But I had no doubt when I first walked into the restaurant and was greeted by these fabulous ladies. The vibe was chill, relaxed and everyone was so kind, which made it so much more easier to open up and  talk.

I had a deep conversation with Micaela, an actress and style influencer on Instagram about culture and the reality of lost cultures because of slavery and how much of what we know about indigenous people are covered up. Such as the Taino indians of Puerto Rico and the Haitians and Dominicans, who also were of Taino ancestry. It was a bit of fresh air to see someone so interested in History and culture like myself.  I met Oriane, a fashion & travel enthusiast on Instagram, who is visiting NYC from Paris. A beautiful girl, with a beautiful accent, her fashion sense is totally enviable with her kind and happy demeanor. She talked so much about the importance of being who you are with fashion! And do you see her pants, yea, she cut them herself! #LOVE. Veronica is a woman not afraid to show the world her thrifted outfits and wild pink hair on her Instagram. She clearly is not afraid of being herself, showing the world that perfection is completely outdated. I loved her outfit and how effortlessly she pulled it off. I know if I were to try something like that, I'd probably look like I just woke up from bed haha. Last but certainly not least, is Lexie the go getter and dream bigger on Instagram who is also an editor in chief! Her personality is like NYC meeting the Caribbean, stylish and so down to earth. A fellow Latina, she has a smile that is contagious. 


Being able to meet such amazing ladies this week, really showed me the importance of community on Instagram and how people from all walks of life can connect to something that is so much more than what people think it is. Each of us, doing what we can to live our passion and dreams. It's a beautiful thing to see powerful women making changes and showing the world what we're about. Thank you, for allowing me to get to know you all and showing me that kindness is possible. I hope we all meet again and I urge you all to try and meet someone from Instagram and get to know them too ( just be careful) !


Until then, xoxo