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May 21 day challenge

 found on Google

found on Google

Summer is coming and the need to have a hot bathing suit body, is going around like the common cold. I've been to many gyms such as Blink, Club H and Base but got bored of the same way of exercising. I felt broken or just really lazy that I couldn't keep up with going to the gym, not to mention it felt like work work work and no play.  I did kickboxing for two years at L.A boxing and loved every second of it, 5 months of Krav Maga, which had to be the most painful training I've ever done in my entire life, BellyDancing for 6 years in high school and college, and even aerial yoga for 3 months; and yet I'm always up for the adventure to try something new. I didn't know what barre was and admit that I thought it was only for rich, skinny women who didn't want to get stinky or sweaty while working out. But of course, I was totally wrong.

 found on Google

found on Google

The Sports Barre is run by two beautiful women, Danielle DeAngelo and Jacey Lambros and what a treat it is that they both are former Radio City Rockettes, how cool is that?!  They teach everything from, working out on a trampoline, to dancing ( my favorite class) and the beautiful barre technique. 

I was hesitant to try something new because I didn't want this to be a normal gym, I wanted more fun and passion and that is what I got. The first class I ever took was called "Dance your ass off" and boy did I lose my ass that day. Jacey and Danielle are so sweet and full of energy that even though you are sweating to death, chugging water and wanting to lie down and rest, you keep going because you are having so much fun. 

I am hooked and am so excited for this 21 day challenge that they have going on. 

21 classes in 31 days, seems like a lot, heck I'm not use to working out this much that I'm even a bit frightened by this challenge. But I can't wait because they motivate you to keep going and they are so kind about everything. These two women truly are the nicest people I think I have ever met and I can't wait to prove to myself and show them that I can do this.

I wanted to take some photos of my body before this challenge ends to so that once I have completed this I can see how far I've truly come. Being a women in society is freaking complicated because there is such a standard for what a beauty means. I want to remind myself that I am not doing this for society or for anyone else's approval but my own. I love who I am and though I am not a skinny minnie, I am healthy and happy. 

This pose is an imitation of a picture of Jacey in The Sports Barre that I love and wanted to try to do myself.

If you don't love your body, learn to because this is the only one you'll ever have and then change the parts that you can. Figure out what you can do to better yourself but don't do it for anyone else only you. Love who you are throughout all your changes, I wish you all love and health, until then,


Xoxo Jacklyn