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Who am I? (Part-two) Vlog

Because we all are looking to find out who we are. Finally, the day had arrived, I got my ancestry results. Now, to be honest, making the video was difficult. I was nervous and trying to make sense of what my results were really saying but I hope you all enjoy it regardless. 


Unfortunately I am too exhausted to do in depth research but here is some info on the Iberian Peninsula from Wikipedia, I also found my results a bit unfortunate because I have 17% of Native American blood in me but it does not clarify from which region or tribe. And the amount of DNA found is extremely small too. But overall, I found this really exciting and raising a lot more questions for me as well as my mother who was extremely shocked by the results. She jokingly said I must have been switched at birth but too bad for her, I look almost identical to her when she was this age haha. This isn't the end of me figuring out my ancestry and I am so happy to have been given this chance and now I'm more hooked and curious. Going to put my thinking cap on, act like Sherlock Holmes and see this through. Until then,

Xoxo Jacklyn