Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


Engagement Photoshoot

A few months ago, my fiance Brian surprised me with an engagement session with a local photographer. Me being an amateur photographer myself, decided to check out the work of the photographers he hired, only to find out I was not happy with their works. They just didn't have the style that I was looking for and to me the photos didn't have emotions. Of course they were ranked with 5 stars and had so many people commenting great things about their work. And I felt it was me just being picky, so for awhile I would keep going back to their page to see what it was that I didn't like about their work and I knew it had to be because I didn't feel something when I looked at their photos.

It is to each is own when it comes to personal taste and such but I decided that I'd take on this challenge myself and shoot the photos instead. I also wanted to D.I.Y a tulle skirt but that was extremely stressful in itself so I gave up and will make it when I have more time. I knew that taking the photos ourselves was going to be complicated and stressful but it just felt right to me. I had this vision and it needed to be executed and who else could do it better but us.

The idea I had was somewhere along the lines of a Pinterest photoshoot, with boho chic inspired outfits and in a park filled with Cherry Blossom Trees. Luckily for us, New Jersey has the biggest park filled with Cherry Blossoms ( I thought it was D.C but nope!) and it was so close to home, Branch Brook Park in Newark Nj. It is a huge park, filled with flowers, trees and ponds, a perfect place for photos. 

One thing I've learned is that certain inevitable truths will happen, the weather will change, ideas in your head you thought would look good, won't and that it is all about having fun and not being too serious with your vision. I had to let things go the way they needed to and not how I wanted too. For example, it was suppose to rain really hard so I decided that I'd change my idea up a bit, buy an umbrella bring my rainboots and bam, I'd be set. But it didn't rain and the sun was peaking through clouds back and forth so it did cause somewhat of a challenge when my family were trying to take the pics.

In the end, we all had a blast and my vision came out better than I expected. It is all about learning and having fun and that is what we did. We had fun, took some pics, and bonded. Here are the final results, and where I want to tell you all that the people who took the photos are NOT photographers, they are my mother, cousin and friend who all did a wonderful job listening to my instructions and doing their own things. If you ever decide to do your own photos, you will need at least three people to help you out, an idea or theme, to scout the place, buy props, and give yourself a lot of time. Everything is possible and I wish you all well. I hope you enjoy! Until then,

xoxo Jacklyn