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Engagement Photoshoot ideas!

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

Ann Landers

Have you ever met someone who could just light up your day with one glancing smile? A smile that is so contagious that you too start smiling. Someone who could fill your heart with butterflies every time he says your name or just holds your hand? That someone for me is named Brian and we've known each other since the 5th grade. 

We started off as friends because as a kid of only 11 years, boys still had cooties to me. And let me be honest, I wasn't the girly girl that you see today; I was a full blown tomboy who did not like brushing her hair and always had fun playing tag or dodgeball with the boys. 

But things changed as everything does in this world and as the years went on, I started to like Brian and soon fall in love. We had our ups in downs and many painful moments when we assumed everything would be over between us, but something just kept us coming back.

It took many years of growing up for both Brian and I to realize that we were connected and that the bond we had would forever be there, so on July 14th 2012, a day after my birthday, he asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes but the reality of it did not hit me until now. I know I know, I'm not the typical girl who got extremely excited and decided from that moment on every aspect of my wedding. If anything, we told each other that we'd finish college first and foremost before we'd ever actually decide on anything further.

So many people to this day ask me when Brian and I will be married because we have been engaged for almost three years, but I feel that there need be no rush to plan that magical day. BUT, I have finally decided to at least get the engagement photos done. I have looked over so many portfolio's of great photographers, but none that have caught my creative eye. I even opted for doing a video instead of photos because of the amazing ones I see on Youtube, like this. Unfortunately for me though, the price is way too expensive for a recent graduate and college engineer in training to afford. 

Because of that, I have decided that I will take the engagement photos myself. I will have Brian's help and a few friends and family members who have already volunteered to help make these photos happen. To me, I understand that it will be complicated and more tiring but they will have much more meaning because they will be our work put together with love. I'm not an epic photographer but when I put my heart and soul into something, it shows and I want everyone to see that when they look at the photos. 

I have created a Pinterest board with ideas to help me along with the creative process. (Note: these image are NOT mine and are found on Pinterest. I take no credit whatsoever and am only posting for inspirational ideas)

I found this adorable "Save the Date" or "announcement" sign from JolieMaeCollections on Etsy that will include my two dogs Emmy and Aubree. They are like my babies so they need to play a crucial part in my photoshoot. 

I then went on thinking about how I'd like to set up the photoshoot. Brian and I decided that we'd do it two days. The first day will be in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the theme(style) will be whimsical. Something like this, but will have vintage cameras that I have been ever so blessed to collect from my step-dad throughout the years. I found the idea on a site called  and instead of it being in a regular park or near train tracks it'll be near Cherry blossom tress and such like this image I found at 

On the first day I decided on something whimsical and soft colored that represents my "hippie-ness" and found a dress similar to the idea I have found at Of course a little less formal I'd want it to be more puffy and less elegant that it can be mistaken for a wedding gown and not just a simple dress. 

For the second day we planned that it would be easier to have our pups with us in the same city, so instead of them going to Brooklyn, we'd take photos with them right here in our city. From my many scouting days looking for good walls and perfect lighting, I think I have a few places in mind where the second day could be taken at. This day won't have many props except the pups signs, the pups and a few balloons. 

I'd wear an outfit like this that I found from

And have giant black and white balloons like these found in the photos from . Hopefully I can get all these visions and ideas down so that our engagement photos come out as magical and us.  Wish us luck, until then,


xoxo, Jacklyn