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Influential blogger: Sharan Torres of the "The Human Genome Project"

Have you ever wondered how negative social media can be; how they would rather broadcast a negative story then one of hope, love and positivity? Sometimes it definitely makes me wonder are there any people out there who want to do better by us. Luckily for me, I knew someone who's thoughts were the exact same as mine, and she's doing something really amazing for our society. Shedding light on humanitarian groups and the welfare of our world, Sharan Torres has created a wonderful blog called "The Human Genome Project", where one could discover that there are many people out in the world wanting to make it a better place and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Because our blogs are somewhat different, I decided it'd be great to take photos of her and also ask questions about her blog to shed light on it!

1.What made you want to start "The Human Genome Project", were you inspired by something or someone ?

I've always had the want to stand for overall human welfare. This has basically been my drive since I was very young to become a doctor and still it's pushing me in that direction. 

I feel that there's so much the world can offer to the population whether it be health or justice, and because I develop such unusually close connections to stories and people, I feel their pain and suffering when they're denied the chance to a truly content life. So many people are left to fend for themselves when they're seeking help. People will always need other people to survive -- I feel it's human nature and it's time that we help each other out instead of ignoring and playing "blind-man" to what's truly fair.

2. Where did the epic name come from?

The Human Genome Project' came out of a pretty inspiring gym session I had back in February 2015. My partner and I were chatting about future goals and how we wanted to create organizations that were overall badass. My idea of an overall badass organization was one that strived to promote humanity so I started thinking about how simple instinct has inspired positive changes in today's society. Then I thought, "Well how do people know what they're doing is right? How do they know it's the right thing to do?" From there I thought of the most basic way our body could possibly have a particular characteristic -- DNA. I'd like to believe that we all have something written in our DNA that activates a gene in us to stand for what's right, for fairness. 'The Human Genome Project' stands for just that.

3. What is one thing that everyone can do to be a little more compassionate and be inspired?

I think people need to decrease, or even better, remove judgement. The lack of being open to different things and the restraints that are then being placed on them continue to destroy the idea of the pursuit of happiness. Let go of narrow-minded views and choose to listen to what else might be out there. You don't need to necessarily accept it but don't dismiss ideas because it doesn't follow your idea of what's acceptable.

4. What do you want to achieve with "The Human Genome Project"?

My goal for 'The Human Genome Project' is for it to help inspire others to stand for something. I want people to feel free to speak out about unfairness and understand that human welfare is important to a happy life. We all deserve to be happy not only a select few. 


I think we all could learn a lot from this blog because it teaches us to look outside of ourselves and learn empathy, compassion and kindness. If we all just learned to pay it forward, we would have more stories on social media about how our world is amazing and wonderful, but it needs to start somewhere, let it start with you. Though you think you are just one person, one person can change another and then another and sooner than later, you'll see that you have done something bigger than yourself.Be the change that this world needs. Until then,

Xoxo Jacklyn