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D.I.Y Valentine's Day Hair and Facial scrub

Hi lovelies!

So yesterday I decided to do a quick masks for my face and hair but I wanted it to smell good and somehow be connected with Valentine's Day. So I looked on Pinterest and found a hair mask recipe from and a face from from

These are the ingredients you need for the hair masks. Simple and cheap to get as well!

As you can see, it was really hard to blend so I had to put it into my Ninja until it was smooth. But be careful it doesn't get too liquidly. Also I have really long hair but its so thin so these measurements are just based on my hair type.

Before you put the puree mixture into your hair make sure you take an old tee shirt so that you can wrap your hair up and it doesn't make a mess.

So here is the final product, it will be messy but it smells fab, oh and me without makeup, getting ready for the facial masks. Can you guess where my shower curtain is from?  One hint, "Alien Time Traveler".

Here are the ingredients for the facial masks. I was a bit worried that the lemon juice would burn my eyes or sting my skin but none of that happened. And trust me when I say that I am extremely sensitive to everything haha.

Again I had to use my Ninja because it takes forever to mash strawberries. Also this amount had a lot left over so if you don't want to be wasteful, then I'd say cut the measurements in half. Good thing for me my fiance is an amazing man and decided he also wouldn't mind a facial, as well as his sisters and mom, so I didn't waste much. 

Here is the final product of how the face mask looked on my face. I look sickly but I promise you its worth it. My skin is smooth and hydrated. One thing I noticed is that you need to make sure to get all the strawberry pieces out of your hair so if possible do this in the evening when you have nowhere to go. I will post a photo of my hair tomorrow on my instagram showing how shiny and alive it looks. Grab your friends, fiance, or whoever and just take a night to pamper your body. It won't break the bank and it smells amazing, until then!

Xoxo, Jacklyn