Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


To the beautiful ones, Happy New Year!

Hello New Year, full of things unknown, I've been waiting for you with much anticipation. Just like the years before, I have a list of resolutions that I want to achieve. And don't worry, going to the gym and  getting skinner is not one of them. What I really want to achieve this year is loving myself wholeheartedly. In a society where skinny is perfect, it's hard for young women like myself who are curvy to feel good about ourselves. But that's what I want to change, I want to show young curvy women like myself that we can wear WHATEVER we want and look AMAZING in it. No more marginalizing our clothing because we live in a world that does that enough. From our gender, race, cultural/religious beliefs, we are marginalized each and every single day. Ladies, it's a new year and it's time to start loving yourselves and I'm not going to say it will be easy because it won't be but it really should be. Life is too short to look in the mirror and not see how beautiful we all really are and I think it's time we take back the word beautiful from the media and show them that beautiful is UNIVERSAL! Skinny, tall, curvy, short; light skinned, dark skinned, in-between skin, beauty is beauty. 

So ladies do me a favor and look into your mirrors, look at your imperfections and see that what makes you "imperfect" is what actually makes you the perfect YOU. I know it sounds silly and so unoriginal but I have been looking in the mirror myself and tell myself each day while brushing my teeth, that "Today is going to be a great day." And when I am putting my makeup on, I tell myself " I am beautiful with and without makeup," It's tedious but sooner than later you will see a change in not only the way you view yourself but your overall view on life; things will be brighter, lighter and you'll see the beauty in everything. You all are beautiful and I hope you all have a fabulously beautiful New Year, from my family to yours, Happy New Year. Until then,

xoxo, Jacklyn.