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Year end review (Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015)

2014 has been a year filled with ups and downs. In the beginning of January, I remember stressing out because of college. It was my final semester and I had no way in paying it and I sure as hell was not going to get another loan. I was almost at the finish line and that unexpected situation happened, I thought it was the end of it. But luckily I made it through and it was because of the goodness in someone's heart. In January I got to take photos of my fiance and best friend in the "NYC's No Pants Subway Ride 2014" which was hilarious from beginning to end. Of course Improve Everywhere would make this event during one of the coldest months but it didn't stop anyone from stripping down to their tighty-whitys. 

In April of 2014 I participated in another crazy NYC event called "NYC Pillow Fight" in Washington Square Park. It was a breezy day but the sky was clear blue and the sun was shining. I think it's pretty epic how many events I actually was able to partake in this year. I hope that next yearI can do the same thing because It brings people together from all walks of life and you get to be silly, which is a huge plus in this tedious grown up world.

May was the month I actually had to sit back and reminisce my undergraduate studies. I was filled with excitement, anticipation but also sadness. I guess it came faster than I thought and I felt like I could have done more, but in the end I did all that I could and I graduate with Cum Laude as an Anthropologist and Art minor. I felt famous walking on that stage and I felt so proud of myself for accomplishing what many can not. I am the only one who has graduated with a four-year degree (and my aunt who is a lawyer) in my family. It's not something to boast about but it's more about the humbled feeling I felt knowing my mom did everything she could for me because she truly believed in my educated. She knew I was bound for greatness and that is all I could ever really want. Walking across that stage with friends and family cheering me on was a dream come true, one that I will never forgot.  

In June, my fiance's sister also graduate, from high school and was now a college freshman! I also went on a very long road trip to Florida with my fiance and best friend. I hate car rides because I'm so impatient but this trip was actually fun and inspiring. We got to stay with a friend that I have known for a few years now and I saw my best friend (but like sisters)!! I also went to visit where my real sister used to work. It was a beautiful and heartbreaking moment knowing I was where she was a few years prior, if only I was there at the right moment. I miss you Nicasia.

 In July I turned 23, and got to spend my birthday with amazing friends. I know everyone believes their friends are amazing but these people actually are. They are so positive, goal oriented and still know how to have a great time! 

In August I went to California and lets just say my anxiety was a huge bitch. I rode on a plane the following year to go to Chicago to see my best friend graduate from A school and i was anxious to fly then but it was only 2 hours. Heading to California was 6 hours and they were LONG!!  With the help of my medication and sleep, I made it through. It was my first time ever being on the pacific side of the United States and I was struck with Wanderlust! It was cold and beautiful and the water was BLUE! I sound silly but I've only see blue water in Florida when I took the road trip there in June with my fiance and best friend. I also rode a horse and I've never done that before. I was scared to death but their was a handsome cowboy who was there with me at all times, especially when I started to have an asthma attack. This trip was truly a blessing and I am so very grateful for my fiance's family because they treat me as their own and care for me the way I care for them. When you surround yourself with amazing people, you too become amazing. I was in California when Robbin  William's passed away and my heart was broken. I really loved him as an actor and when I found out that he killed himself, I knew the world lost a beautiful soul. Dealing with anxiety brings the unfortunate out, depression, anger, insomnia etc and knowing he was depressed but still made others smile broke me. I wondered why no one could save a brilliant man like him, if they could only make him smile, or tell him everything would be okay. Rest in Peace dear Robbin, I will smile knowing tomorrow the sun will shine. 

September came faster than ever and in a blink of an eye it was over. During this time everyone was getting back into the school routine, except for poor little me. I didn't know what to do with myself for this month, I wanted to do everyone's homework and go to class with them. I'm such a nerd, I know but I love school so much. I enjoy learning everyday and having educated discussions with students and professors. The only thing I probably hate about school was the exam and test taking. They gave me so much anxiety that I'm shocked I even passed and don't have ulcers haha. Before I knew it, it was October the month that most photographers love because of the changing colors. Boy did I love October, I got to go pumpkin picking, took photos and my best friend came to visit from the Navy. This month always brings me a little closer to nature and the changing on the seasons as well as the characters of people. Just like the leaves, people come and go and October really taught me that it was okay to let go. I was a witch on All Hallow's Eve, celebrating Samhain and doing spells; yes I am a Wiccan and no I do not worship the devil, kill people/animals, am evil. I simply worship mother nature,this earth and many Gods and Goddesses. We believe in karma and white magic. I also dressed up as  the "10th Doctor" from "Doctor Who" and my fiance was my Tardis. It was more like outfits inspired by "Doctor Who" but omg I was so happy even though no one knew who I was suppose to be. PEOPLE START WATCHING THE SHOW, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

October was probably the longest month ever, it didn't want to end but I was okay with that. When it did, all i could think about was food. My mum makes an amazing Thanksgiving dinner because she has my late Grandpa's recipe which I will be getting passed down to me for next year. November made me thankful because of all that I have, a roof over my head, my health, family friends, puppies!! I forgot to put that in the beginning of October, I got a new Corgi puppy named Aubree. Of course I'm like totally in love and will probably adopt a billion more pups haha. I hope that when I cook next year's turkey I do it justice just like my mum and Grandpa but I'm sure I'll be okay cos' it runs in the genes, haha!

And Finally, the last month of the year, December. I love December because of the holiday spirit that everyone gets into. I know people think it's about gifts but its more than that. It's the spirit of magic and beauty and all the goodness in the world. It is also the Winter Solstice, the longest day of the year because it gets dark faster and it's Winter which was suppose to mean snow but like that never happened. No white Christmas either, just a rainy, windy one. Either way it was a great Christmas because of the people I got to spend it with and of course my gifts were really epic too.  Now I'm just waiting for New Year's! My resolutions are to perfect my eyebrow game cos' I really suck at the moment. Learn to wear fake eyelashes since I have no patience to put them on, it'll also teach me that, probably,probably not haha. I want to help my community a lot more, take a lot more pictures and hopefully get my projects done. Remind myself how fabulous I truly am and how lucky I am to be alive. You too are really lucky and blessed to be alive at this moment. Don't take any minute for granted and cherish each and every one. Life is too short because before you know it, 2015 will be over too and another year of memories, mistakes, knowledge and happiness will have come and past. Thank you to those of you who believe in my passion, my dreams and I promise that you all will see my dreams become a reality. I've come this far because the helping hands I had taken throughout this year, for next year, I want to be someone who helps others too.  I'm inspired by the kindness of people's hearts and the power they have to fight for what they believe in. Goodbye 2014, it was a tough year, filled with ups and downs but I overcame everything am for that I am a stronger, more humbled person. 2015 bless me the way that 2014 has and let me learn, grow and love. Until then, 

xoxo, Jacklyn