Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


First Blog post!


I am so happy that I have designed a new blog, one that enables me to be more creative and embodies my personality. Choosing the name "Jacklyn.Lune" defines who I am as a person. Lune means "moon" in French and, since I barely sleep, I'm up with the moon all the time. My middle name is Jacklyn, which is derived from the Hebrew's meaning "may God protect." "May God protect (the) moon," it's beautiful, somber, and spiritual. I want this blog to not only symbolize the fiery passion within me, but to help others understand how someone like me, who lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, can function properly in a world that stigmatizes those who suffer from a mental illness. This is what I want others to notice when they come to my blog, this is what I want them to see of me. I cannot wait to embark on this journey! Until then,