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Spring has Sprung!

The weather in my city has been pretty wild. One day it's extremely warm, sunny and bright and the next, like today, it's cold, grey and rainy. 

But at least I can say that Spring has officially sprung and what better way to celebrate than with fashion and photos. I can sense your judgement, but I don't care LOL! 

This Spring I've decided that I want to start wearing more vibrant colors. That's right me, the little petite witch has finally decided to start wearing color. I know a lot of you are probably saying "Finally" or "I told you so" (Yes Yaelly I'm talking to you, haha) but I never knew if I could actually look good in anything with color. I'm petite but I'm also curvy and I found comfort in dark colors because it was so easy to hide behind. 

And here I am, getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, yay for Spring! I started looking online for clothing and found a online site called That is where these two outfits will be from. This first one I choose was because it reminded me a bit of my island, Puerto Rico. I wanted it to pair it with something more neutral to not take away from the outfit itself. So I paired it with my bag and shoes from H&M that matched perfectly to each other and wore my favorite jewelry from American Eagle. It definitely completes the look The fabric is soft and breathable and even though I'm not tall/skinny like the model, I feel really good in this outfit.

This next outfit is more of a color I would normally wear, BUT that plunging neckline. I was hesitant to buy this one because, hello, I'm part of the itty-bitty-titty committee but like I said, Spring is a time for change and growth. 

I LOVE LOVE this outfit and not only because of the color but also because of the fit and style. It hugged me in all the right places and the length wasn't too short or too long. If you're someone like me, petite & curvy, length is a huge deciding factor if something is going to look good or make you feel like you're swimming in it. I also appreciate the fact that I still can wear some dark colors with this outfit. As shown, I'm able to style it with my old ballet flats(totally need new ones or are they outdated? lol) and black bag from H&M to give it more of that edgy, going for coffee in the city vibes. I can't wait to wear this over the Summer because of the light airiness of the fabric. It could be a perfect cover up to a bathing suit or stand on it's own as a beautiful Spring/Summer dress.

I'll just be sitting here waiting patiently for the weather to stay consistently warm. To my wallet, I'm sorry for what I'll be buying next from

You can find the dresses I bought at these direct links and find your own accessories from the links to the sites below!

Happy Shopping and be sure to take a photo! I want to see all of you feeling fabulous and confident! 

Until then, Xoxo