Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


Modern Witch on the Harvest Full Moon

The Harvest Moon is happening as I write this and what a beautiful moon it is. In Wiccan beliefs the Harvest Moon is a representation of the of coming of colder months. In the past, they would plant squash or pumpkin before the ground frosted over in Winter and nothing would grow. It also represents change and the act of letting go, whatever that means to you.

It's not easy to let go of any emotion but sometimes those emotions that are negatively effecting us must end. It's true when they say misery loves company because I unfortunately know A LOT of people who would rather keep their grudges and stay angry for past issues. I admit, I was one of them but I have come a very long way and when the Full Harvest Moon says it is time to let go, you let go. 

I only wore this dress ONCE and today I decided to let go of what people thought of me. I know I'm no famous fashionista and my style is a bit odd but it's me. 

I also decided it was time to bring my cat eye back and I am so happy I did! But this Harvest Moon hasn't only been physical changes like my style, hair and makeup. I've let go of a lot of anger and anxiety that I thought I was over but realized during this retrograde that I was not. 

And so to honor myself and the strength that it takes to let go of pain and anger, I adorned myself with beautiful jewelry that remind me of the cosmos and matched my nails too. I also brought back my favorite old bucket bag because it reminded me of a cauldron and I thought it went perfect with this Modern Witch look I was going for. 

Instead of pointy witchy shoes, I opted out for some big boots that I just love because they give me so much height and make me feel very powerful and beautiful, perfect for the Harvest Moon. I know it sounds crazy, but what you wear will have a huge effect on your mood. Black isn't sadness either it represents so much more to me. It's like my interpretation of having a mental illness, people will only want to see the negatives of it but never the positives. 

I hope everyone understands that it's always best to let go of negative emotions, especially if they have nothing else to teach you. It won't be easy but when you do, you'll feel like a new person and will have space for happiness, love, and wonderful opportunities to be a better you. And remember to adorn yourself like the goddess you are. Blessed be!



Until then, xoxo