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I'm a 90's baby ft. MD.13 Jewelry

 Image owned by MD.13

Image owned by MD.13

It's crazy how time passes by so quickly. Born in 1991 and it's already the middle of 2016 and in just a few weeks I'll be turning 25. Where did time go? How am I already this old? I don't feel like an adult but society says I am.



I'm not sure if it is the artist in me that will never grow up or if it's just our bodies that seem to grow older and not our hearts. One thing that is exciting me, making me feel at ease with the knowledge that I am considered an adult, is the 90s fashion trend. It's back and it feels like it never left for me. I've always enjoyed the 90s style because people dressed how they felt and didn't pay much attention to what others thought of them and that's what I've always wanted to have, the "do you, who cares what others think," attitude. And I know there are so many other 90s baby who must be feeling the same way I do. Stuck in an adult body but lost in our minds.

But that's the funny part about life, we want people not to care about how we look/ act but somehow we still want their approval. I know it must be a 90s baby thing because we are the lost generation, the ones with everyone staring at every mistake we do. And I think bringing back the 90s vibe is a way for us to tell the older generations to chill the hell out; we're showing them our "no Fcuks" vibes with our outfits, telling them to live a little.

It's probably just me who thinks this way, though I'm sure I'm not the only one but I'm tired of trying to be a grown up. Like what does that even mean anyway? I'm so far in debt with a degree that is misunderstood and looked down upon. I went to college got all the A's that I needed to be the best. I did everything society said a successful person should do, EXCEPT, I followed my heart and not the money. 

I know that's where I went wrong but I'd rather be poor and in love with my dreams, my passion, then working at a good paying job that makes me miserable. Classic 90s baby thought process. But are we wrong for thinking that way, for having dreams of loving what we do? I remember teachers, my mom and strangers alike telling me I could be whatever I want and yet when you hit the age of 18 it's all bullshit lullabies.  

Why do the lullabies end and the proud moments that our parents have of us? Why do the hopes and dreams we had as children have to end because we become adults? 

I for one accept that I won't be a millionaire and things will get tough but being real about who I am and what I am, will always be the easiest. I'm a 90s baby, you can stop telling me what to wear and what to do, I'm probably not listening anyway. 


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