Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


Living Freely (Ft. Livin'Freely clothes & Jewelry)

Bohemian vibes are always connected with dancing hippies and wanderlust images of people on Instagram who are carefree about life or as I like to call it, an escaped lifestyle. An escape for most people would be to travel to a place they have never visited before, or to do something wild and adrenaline inducing. But for me, an escape is to be able to connect with the world that I seem to have so much difficulty in understanding. A world that would look at me and see me as an average young woman but once I talk about my mental illness, would instantly judge me. But because of clothes, people somewhat try and understand that I am a normal young woman with passions, a job and who has a flame burning within to raise awareness for mental health.

Because of Instagram, it has enabled me to be so open and honest about who I am; I'm a photographer who wants to use my media for fashion that enables me to be expressive and start a conversation on mental health. And because of that, I have met so many amazing people, like Vanessa from LivinFreely . Vanessa took a chance on me to take photographs of the products she sends me and I must tell you, these products are truly made with love, good intent and a sense of wanderlust for the world. 

At first I thought that I didn't have that desire or same escape that others have that would wear bohemian inspired items. I was afraid that I was too "uptight" to wear the jewelry that I'd see women wear who travel the world who have no fears or worries to deal with. But because of Vanessa believing in me, I wear her beautiful bohemian inspired jewelry and now clothes with the sense that I too can live freely.

I'm not afraid to admit that I dislike traveling (unpopular opinion) and that trying new things really stress me out. I'm okay with understanding that certain days getting out of the bed is an achievement and something that many take for granted. I understand that I can't do a lot of "fun" things that most of the world yearns to do in order to feel like they are living a free life. Of course I get envious, who wouldn't. But my life isn't meant to be like others. 

My life is like a pocket necklace, people only see what's on the outside until they realize there is more to me than what they see. 


This is me, living freely, courageously showing the world who I am and what I am made out of. 




Be sure to check out Vanessa's beautiful Etsy shop here & her newest endeavor, her clothing store here

Black Long Sleeve Knit Dress: here

Open Front Blazer Cardigan: here

Olive Side Split Mock Neck Top: here

Galaxy Locket: here

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