Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


Wear your label, NYFW runway event

A few months ago, I was given an amazing opportunity to work with an incredible fashion company called "Wear Your Label". Created by two friends who both suffered from a mental illness, Kyle & Kayley set out on a journey to end the stigma and what better way to raise awareness than with a clothing line. 

It has been nothing but a pleasurable experience to be apart of something so powerful and so close to my own heart because I too struggle with a mental illness. Finding people who are passionate about fashion and raising awareness for mental health is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I found that needle and it is truly amazing to feel less alone in the world. Both Kyle & Kayley inspire me to work harder and create my own clothing line that is not only fashion forward but helps end the stigma behind mental health. 

And because of the kindness that they both have shared with me, I was able to attend their New York Fashion Week show. I was freaking out so much that I actually would be able to attend a show for NYFW!

I look angry but I swear I wasn't, haha! I was really excited to get to the show and be apart of NYFW, I felt cool but had to show the world my RBF.



And here are some of the photos I took of the runway show, which was inspiring and comforting.

1 out of 5 people have a mental illness.

Every 40 seconds someone is diagnosed with a mental illness.

This opportunity was one truly for the books, a memory that I can forever cherish. All those people in the room can now say they have an opportunity to understand someone with a mental illness and perhaps even help those who do not understand mental illness, learn. At the end of the day that is all we want, for people to stop judging us and assuming we are not capable of big things because we are. We just appreciate more, understand more and fight harder for what we want. 

Congrats to you both, Kyle & Kayley for doing something that many are afraid to do, your courage and passion are evident in your clothing brand but also in your hearts.

We may have not known each other for long but you have a supporter & friend in me. Thank you again, and good luck on your fight to end the stigma! 




I also wanted to say thank you to my fiance for continually giving me the support and love that I need to keep going. You don't know how thankful I am to have someone I can call my best friend and motivator. You inspire me, believe in me and remind me of the beauty that is in this world.

Until then,

xoxo Jacklyn