Photographer & Mental Health Advocate


Color my world

I'm an artist, expressing myself to the world when the words fail to speak; fashion and photography are those words. Because living in a world without art would be a world of conformity and uniformity. What I wear, is how I feel, how I want the world to view me, regardless of its opinion. 

About two weeks ago, I won a competition on Instagram from an up and coming clothing brand based in New York City called Street People Atelier. Street People Atelier's clothing is made for the go-getters, the women who are not afraid of a fast paced world but still takes a second to smell the roses or in NYC the Starbucks Coffee Bean. A fashion forward brand that is perfectly made for the Big Apple.

I won $150 dollars worth of clothing and let me tell you, I felt like a child in a candy store. It was extremely hard to chose because I wanted everything. Maybe one day, haha!

All of the clothing that I won came from a sub-brand of Street People Atelier called, A.R.T (Artistic Revolution in Time). A.R.T's clothing is for the woman who is bold and will been seen in the crowd. She lives in the moment and wears clothing that enables her to express her creativity. 

The first item I styled was the Seamless Crop Top in blackout black. What I loved about wearing this crop top was the fact that I was able to feel to air on my skin. Nothing about this top made me feel hot and constricted. I'm so happy that I found a top in black that won't make me suffocate in 90 degree weather. 

When I first saw the Pleated Cami Top on their site, I knew I had to get it because of the vibrancy of the blue and the unique pleated style. I already had the idea of creating a classic, edgy look and wanted to take its vibrant blue and make it pop. Black is my best friend and it will make you look amazing in anything, but the cami top definitely took the cake in this look. It hugged my body in all the right spots, which is especially important for us curvy women. 

If you think the front of the top is beautiful, you'd die to see the back. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the back but take a look at it for yourself on their site, I promise you, you'll want it.

What I truly like about this top is how versatile in style it is and it is great for the Summer days that will be approaching very soon. How would you style this top? Let me know I'm dying to see!

My last two pieces are a godsend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indigo Poplin Boyfriend Sleepshirt which I paired with the Brushed Cotton Bralette. We all want to be comfortable when we are heading into dream world but it isn't always that easy to find something that is fashionable with comfort.

Look no further, you have found the ultimate fashion statement piece to show off to your imaginary dream boyfriend, mine is The Rock but don't tell my fiance! It's long enough to cover your lady parts and soft to the touch. The color evokes happiness with the different colored buttons that I matched with the soft laced bralette.

As you can tell, I've had an amazing fashion experience wearing all of my clothes. To be able to express myself with clothing is a blessing that I thank god for. And having a brand like Street People Atelier who understands that expression is another gift I am grateful for. Have a lovely Sunday, until then


Xoxo, Jacklyn