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Florals with Sam

I had the amazing opportunity to meet the beautiful and kind Samantha or known on Instagram as @beyond.brunette. I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous that I was going to be awkward when we meet but it was the most down to earth way. I met her boyfriend Will and let me just say, they are extremely tall compared to me and my fiance, but are so very cute together. We ate at an amazing little restaurant that Sam chose called "Buvette" and talked about our childhood and college. She's going to Parson's in the city which is an amazing school.

We were suppose to go to The Whitney Museum but it was closed, on a TUESDAY!! Like what is that about? I get Sunday's or Monday's but Tuesday's, it's so weird. Thankfully, the weather stood beautiful and we were right by The Highline so we decided to go there. 

It was extremely hot and sunny but the idea behind The Highline makes me happy because even though you're in the city, you  can get a little bit of nature, kinda like going back to innocence. 

I was so surprised to see one of my favorite people of all time plastered on a building. The one and only Albert Einstein and what he is saying is so true, Love is the answer. :]

Sam and I also were wearing floral dresses from Forever 21 which both were under $20 dollars. And if you know me you know I love a good steal, besides the fabric for the dress I was wearing, felt like a $50 Urban Outfitter dress.  I decided to wear it with a belt because I needed something to split my body and give my curves some shape. I had a pair of heels that I should have wore with this photo but I am extremely klutzy and it was really hot, so I decided to keep on my comfy flats. 

I have to say that without Instagram, I wouldn't have met this amazing girl let alone talk to her because I am so shy. Before we left, I asked her, what advice she'd give someone who was starting out a blog or fashion and she said to do stuff out of your comfort zone. I'd have to agree with her that doing things out of your comfort zone will only bring positivity and if it isn't positive then it is growth and in the end growth is always a good thing. I myself jumped out of my comfort zone to meet her, a person that I've only known through Instagram's tiny boxes but to actually meet her in person made me feel more confident to know that there are great people in this world. I know Sam and I will definitely do this again and I am so happy to know that I have found a new friend in fashion and blogging. Until then,

Xoxox, Jacklyn