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Bohemian Chic Lookbook

Bohemian Chic

Like a free spirited hippie, fashion has a way of opening up the creativity dormant within all of us. It enables us to bring our own uniqueness to each outfit in a inclusive way. A lot of people in the fashion world would consider fast fashion a far cry from real taste but I'd beg to differ. 

Fast fashion is popular because it is cheap and mass produced and let me be real, I'm no millionaire (Thanks student debt), so I gravitate towards pieces of clothes that are versatile for multiple types of looks. 

My idea for this outfit came from Lana Del Rey. I wanted to look like I belonged in one of her poetic, raw music videos that are shot in the deserts but still keep my dark black & white chic vibe.  Because that's what fashion is, being able to change up your style but still keep what makes you feel good and black & white, really make me feel good. Don't get me wrong I love color but I'd rather paint my world with color than my clothes. 

Because most of my clothes are from fast fashion based stores, Forever 21, H&M, Hollister and American Eagle, I already have to keep in mind that a lot of people will probably be wearing the same pieces that I am. And that's okay because it's how we decided to wear the pieces that will make us stand out because that's what it is all about, wearing what we want and loving how we wear it. 

So I don't really pay mind to those who judge me for my fast fashion outfits because I love how I look. And I enjoy how I can be creative with my clothes while still keeping my aesthetic in mind. Your taste is not defined by how much you bought an item for, your taste is how you wear that outfit, with confidence and sass I hope! 

So I say, wear whatever the hell you want and if you spent $50 bucks or $500, the prices shouldn't matter. Life is too short to really care what others say. Just do you and show the world who you are. 


Until then,

Xoxo Jacklyn.