Valentine's Day outfits! Forever 21 style

Valentine's Day is coming upon us quickly, and I have NOTHING to wear. Of course, if someone else were to look through my closet they would probably find something that is Valentine's Day worthy, but I'm all about new clothes. What young women doesn't love new clothes, I know they have become apart of who I am. I love my clothes because they help me express who I am as a person, but enough of that and on to looks!

I first checked Forever 21's site because let us face it, I am a broke college girl and I understand that there are millions of us broke college girls who have barely any money to our names but will make sure we look fab regardless. To my surprise there was a Valentine's Day tab on the site which made my searching for looks even easier. 

This first look will be mainly focused on black and white, because not everyone wants to wear Pinks or Reds during V-Day. And I think wearing black and/or white creates a timeless look anyway.  Everything from this look is at Forever 21.

The next look is for the working ladies. This look can be worn to work because it has a blazer and you can button it up to look more professional. Then when it's time for your date with your loved one you can take off the blazer or just unbutton it to show off the beautiful sweetheart neckline of your romper. 

This last look is more of my style. I love skirts and paring a dark midi skirt with a nice light colored shirt because it evens out the harshness of the dark skirt. Plus its up to you if you want to wear heels or flats. Also this look, looks much better with an updo messy hairstyle, like a bun! 

I hope these looks help you out if you don't have a clue what to wear on V-day! Either way, as long as your comfortable and fab! Until then,

Xoxo, Jacklyn