Coffee daze

It's finally cold enough to have the " I need coffee everyday to keep me warm" excuse. And boy I've been using that excuse to travel around my little city and hit up as many coffee shops as I can. If you had asked me two months ago if I knew what the difference between a cafe latte and cappuccino was, I would have probably look at you like you're talking to me in a different language. But alas I am learning, and because I need to for my new part-time job as a barista. YAY! 

Today I decided to go to "The Warehouse Cafe" and knew I wanted to wear something simple and warm but still stay chic. Apparently ripped jeans are the in trend and of course black NEVER goes out of style so I went with this relaxed but stylish look. Fun fact; as a kind I was terrified of turtle neck sweaters because I felt like I was suffocating, good thing for me, I'm over it because I love turtle neck sweaters. They are so effortlessly chic! Everything I am wearing, except my coat, is from Forever 21! 

It was really sunny outside so it looked warm but and it was a lie! The sun did not stop the freezing temperatures. I really don't like wearing red lipstick because I feel it makes me look weird but I decided for this outfit that I would wear a maroon red lip called "Vampira" from Kat Von D's collection.

I absolutely love how Jersey city is using the empty warehouses to open up stores and event spaces for the community because of that, my city is getting more artistic and fun, which is exciting since I'm all about art,fashion and photography!

The Warehouse cafe is a little eccentric space, very different from 9 Bar, Brewshot and Modcup but in a good way. I was afraid while doing this journey of trying different coffee shops that they would be all so similar in style and atmosphere and yet each time I try a new place, I'm wowed at the difference each place gives. 

Through this coffee daze, I'm lucky to always have this guy right beside me drinking lots of coffee and talking about life and traveling to warm places. Until then,

Xoxo, Jacklyn