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Winter lookbook

I dislike WINTER with a passion! Everything is dead and cold and I just want to sleep all the time, like a bear. But three months with Father Winter won't go anywhere, so it's messy buns and natural makeup until Spring arrives!

Today wasn't so bad, there was barely any wind and I could actually breathe, those of you with Asthma can understand what I mean. The sun was beaming warm goodness and the sky was a beautiful blue and I just felt so blessed to be alive. To keep my legs warm, I layered black tights under my American Eagle jeans, something I'm pretty sure you lovely ladies do when the weather is brutal I got my sweater on sale at Forever 21 for $11.00, a real deal because it kept me warm and the fabric was soft.

In order to survive Jersey City winter's you NEED to have lots of scarves and hats.My scarf is a matching set that comes with a hat and gloves that I also got from American Eagle during the holidays.They had many colors to choose from and different designs but I went with silver and white for simplicity and to match with my puffy winter coat. If you know me, you know I freeze for almost everything but today I was pretty wild and decided to wear open heel toed shoes. I know can you say MENTAL but I felt it made my outfit and I like wearing a little heel to make me feel tall.

If you're ever in Jersey City, you should stop by Liberty State Park. It's a beautiful protected nature sanctuary that I hope in the future does not get ruined because of all the gentrification that is happening in my area. You get the view of Lower Manhattan,  the Freedom Tower and Liberty State Park all in one beautiful park. 

My Jewelry is also from American Eagle, except my engagement ring haha. I love Stars and when I saw the ring set, I just knew I had  to get it. Even though the rings aren't real, they don't turn my fingers green, which is a huge plus because I have problems with fake jewelry doing that. 

Hurray for the best Zodiac ever, Cancer! If you don't already know, I'm a Summer baby born July 13th! These cute earrings have all the signs and also are sold at American Eagle.

My everyday makeup is SIMPLE and natural with shades of browns, pinks and pops of sparkle. Most of my looks will come from the Naked 3 palette that I live and breathe by. I'm no pro makeup artists but I think I do a pretty good job. Except my brows, even though I used Anastasia's brow powder duo in Auburn, I'm still a newbie with taming my brows. With time though, I'll be a beasts, so wait on it!

I hope you all stay warm during these brutal winter months! Tomorrow we're suppose to get a Wintery Mix, I think I'll stay inside haha. Until then lovelies,

Xoxo, Jacklyn.