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Bohemian Island Elephant Harem Pants

I got these beauties for Christmas and could not wait to try them on. When I saw them online the pants were vibrant and looked extremely soft and in person they are exactly the same, beautiful and vibrant and soft to the touch. They even have a pocket on the right side and those of you who know me, know I love pockets!

In them, I am able to move freely and fluid and they fit perfectly on my curvy body, making me feel confident as well as comfortable. 

I'm not really into yoga but when I can, I  will do a few stretches here and there. For meditation though, these pants are perfect to wear because they do not leave you feeling confined and because elephants. In Hindu culture they are considered sacred beings that need to be protected and  celebrated.

If you're like me and you love to dress nice but feel comfortable in what you're wearing, or you just want some pretty yoga, lounging around pants, you should check out their page . Also check out their Instagram page and see lovely ladies who have bought their pair of pants already! IG: @Bohemian_Island 

Until then,

xoxo, Jacklyn