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Gypsy Warrior outfit of the day


I have been a fan/supporter of Gypsy Warrior since I first stumbled upon the store in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The styles that are displayed in the windows and around the store are eccentric and unique and eye-catching. The clothing matches the name of the store, some styles are bohemian with frills, bright colors and flowers, which represents the Gypsy; and then there are styles that represent the early rock music of the 1990s, grunge. There are shirts that say "FULL MOON DIVE BAR RED LIPS ROCK&ROLL",some have biker skulls and sayings that say "GYPSY SOUL WARRIOR HEART," which represents the Warrior in the name. I have been looking for clothes that enable me to express my unique style and with Gypsy Warrior I can make that possible.

With my gift card that I received as an early Christmas gift from my best friend, I went straight to Gypsy Warrior's pop-up store in Hoboken, New Jersey. It is so convenient having that pop-up store so close to home but if you are going to stop by, go soon because it's closing in a few weeks. When I went in, I saw this bralette, hanging on the rack and I fell in love, it was soft, a vibrant burgundy and the style was not like any bralette I've seen. I wanted to pair the burgundy bralette with a dark color but something comfortable and not form fitting. I went to the back of the store and saw the perfect black shirt.  And this is the final product, the boots are also from Gypsy Warrior but they are no longer in store. You won't be disappointed if you are looking for a clothing store that is fresh with style, won't break the bank and one of a kind.

Until then,   

xoxo, Jacklyn.Lune