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GODDESS by Inspired Artist Movement


This weekend was the beautiful Goddess event presented by Inspired Artist Movement and creator, M. Josephine Sansait, at the awesome eclectic space at Muneca Mullins Studio owned by Danielle. I was extremely honored to be a panelist and the official event photographer. Events like these are beautiful ways for women to heal, connect and celebrate one another. It's imperative that we have more of these awesome events in our area and realize that there are so many awesome artists here that we need to support.

This isn't going to be a long blog post but a visual story of the event. These images are mine so if you would like to use them, please just message me and I'll send them to you. Once again, all the thanks go to the women of the night MJ, who is a full-time worker, mother, entrepreneur and GODDESS, your friendship and faith in me and my craft is something I have forever needed. And thank you to Danielle of Muneca Mullins Studio for allowing this beautiful and necessary event to happen in her space.