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Colleen: Body Positive Ballerina


Hey everyone!

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to meet up with Colleen (@Leenahlovesherself) again to shoot some beautiful bras from the brand Lively and Aerie

I met Colleen last year through Wear Your Label and we also shot during the summertime in Brooklyn ( really fun!).

Colleen messaged me asking to shoot her again, which of course made me excited because I love shooting people I've shot before. It lets me see how much they have changed from the last time I met them and in a sense, I am recording those changes.


Here are some of the pictures, let me know what you think! 


I try my best to decorate for most of the holidays that we celebrate because why not. I have two little Valentine's Day banners and thought it'd be cute to shoot some photos of Colleen near them. If you also notice, Colleen doesn't approve of editing her body and I respect that! I always want to cater as much as I can to the person that I am shooting, I don't want them to feel insecure or worried about anything. 


This is one of my favorite photos of Colleen because she let loose and just had fun. The best photos are the ones where the models go along and let loose.


I love how this Aerie Bralette and underwear set make Colleen's eyes stand out so much. I also love how it matches my bedroom walls. I love how in this photo you can see a different side of Colleen! 



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Until then, xoxo Jacklyn.