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EmmasEdition: NYFW

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Hello, World! I've decided that I'm going to start blogging about my photo sessions! I've wanted to do this for quite some time but never thought I could do it because I really suck at writing. But, writing about my photography sessions will let you learn more about me and it'll also allow me to showcase more of my images.

I met Emma of EmmasEdition on Instagram a year ago (give or take) and recently met her in person this last winter (Feburaryish). We both were ambassadors to American Eagle's social media ambassadorship program and clicked when we started liking each other's photos. It's crazy how Instagram can actually connect you to like-minded people and enable you to create friendships that would have never happened due to location and other factors.


Last winter, I shot Emma's photos for New York Fashion Week in Dumbo, Brooklyn! Let me just say that I've met friends on Instagram before but it's always a bit nerve wrecking. You hope they actually like you and that your Instagram account shows your true personality, which thankfully mine did as well as Emma's. This session was one for the books though, it was the dead of winter so it was freezing and some spots in the areas we wanted to shoot still had snow that didn't melt from the previous storm and I basically hibernate November through April, haha! It was a great experience and reminded me why Instagram can truly be a wonderful place.

I was so very thankful to meet Emma because she was such an inspiring woman who can do it all. And thankfully, she messaged me around August to let me know she was coming back to the East Coast for NYFW! Needlessly to say, I was extremely excited to meet up with her to capture beautiful photos of her again. She also recommended me to other fellow bloggers (another blog post coming up) and it truly humbled me. It's kinda crazy how strangers can become friends quickly and also want to see you succeed more than some people you have known for a longer time.


This time for Emma's photos, she decided on The New York Public Library and I couldn't be happier with her choice. I've never shot there so I was a bit hesitant on the lighting the library would give but it truly did not disappoint. Here are some more pictures from our fun photoshoot and be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her blog at EmmasEdition

Let me know if you guys like this series and would want to see more of my photographic work! 

Until then, Xoxo