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Breaking the cycle.


I never met a family that didn't have some type of brokenness. 

Those families we see on t.v do NOT exists because brokenness is an important part of life.

There's a song that I listen to almost everyday called "May I have this dance?" and there's a line that goes "We are bound to inherit the sins of our parents."

At first I didn't understand what that meant but then as I kept listening to it, it clicked. We inherit the pain, sins, brokenness of our parents.

No one realizes it but as children to our parents, we are their redemption to heal what could not.

I know that sounds like a lot but it's quite simple really, just forgive and love.

I come from a broken family but that doesn't mean I have to keep the cycle going.

The first step is to actually understanding why everyone is stuck. The second step is to understand you can't save or make anyone do what you want, even if they are meant with good intentions. The third step is to accept that the past is the past but the present and the future can be better. The fourth is to forgive, even if it doesn't make sense, just forgive whoever and whatever. The fifth just like the fourth, will be hard but you have to allow love to be the tool needed to break that cycle.

I try to think of these cycles like a circle; in order to break it, someone from the inside needs to give more of themselves, find the courage and the strength to look beyond their situation and break the circle with love. It might sound cheesy but love is such a powerful emotion and it has to be the right type of love. A love that is understanding, forgiving and not judgmental. A love that accepts and believes in better possibilities.

I know our parents are older, therefore they know more with experience, but we as their children can teach them that we are capable of being the change needed. We can be the ones to break what other generations could not. 

I know many of you are thinking that this is a lot to take on but I can assure you, we are all capable of breaking cycles, just like how we are always striving to be better versions of ourselves. This isn't to say that we need to save people, or throw the weight of the world on our shoulders, if anything it's to help heal ourselves from the brokenness that we have inherited. And because we want to heal ourselves, that will flow to the people we love.

Be sure to check out my summer jam "May I have this dance?" and let me know in the comments what you think! Any summer jams I should listen to? 

Until then,

xoxo Jacklyn.