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5 ways to be more comfortable in your own skin.

If you don't follow me on my Instagram account, (which you totes should! @Jacklyn.Lune) you probably noticed that I've been having a lot of confidence issues due to my face breaking out. 

I have really awful environmental allergies during the Spring and Summer seasons and I decided I wanted to take a chance on immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is where I get injected with a small amount of what I'm deathly allergic to so that I can create an immunity to it. 

At first, I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever but as the medication gets higher in dosage, my body is fighting back. Every Tuesday I am left with a mild fever, a swollen injection site and a really bad reaction on my face. 

I know it might sound superficial that I am insecure about a rash on my face but everything that I'm trying to do to heal it, isn't working.

So instead of moping around, I decided to do a photo shoot, with no foundation on my face, to get me out of my funk and also pass some simple pieces of advice to be more comfortable in your skin. 

1. Accept what you cannot change.

Accepting what we cannot change is such a huge obstacle to pass, especially since I have a mental illness but it's needed to find comfort in the uncomfortable. I can't change my face, I understand that I'm going through a huge change in my body to heal myself and rather than beating myself up, I should be proud that my body wants to heal me. 


2. Love your quirks. ALL of them!

I want to say quirks rather than flaws because these quirks are what make us, US! I have issues with my dark circles, crooked smile and round face but they make me who I am. I have dark circles because they run in my family, my smile is crooked because I smolder like FLYNN from Tangled, haha! And my face is round because it's shaped like a beautiful heart. I know society will tell you that you have to be picture perfect and hate your differences but I promise you, that is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You are a unique beautiful creature but imagine if you got rid of everything that made you, you? Scary right? I'm not going to lie here and say that I ALWAYS love my quirks because I'd be lying to you but I honestly have more days where I am free from what society tries to feed us. What are some of your quirks? 

3. Mirror talk!

I know this sounds weird but when I look in the mirror, I talk to myself. I let myself know how beautiful and unique I am. I talk about all of the beautiful things that make me who I am and even acknowledge the areas I need to work on. I believe ever since I've started to do this, I am more comfortable in who I am as a person because when I write these blog posts or take these photos, they aren't lies. Everything I do, I always try my best to be 100% honest and that starts with being honest with myself. Try it tonight, start off small and talk about what you see in the mirror. Try to be as honest as possible without self-sabotage. It won't be easy but is anything that is truly worth it, easy? NO :]

4. Surround yourself with people who lift you up.

This one is extremely imperative to follow! My mother always told me she can tell me who I am by the people I hang out with. In the beginning, I just thought it was some crazy mom lingo to tell me to stop having so many "friends" but as I got older, I realized what she actually meant. There were so many people in my life who disguised themselves as "friend" and I had to learn the hard way. But even before finding out the painful truth of people backstabbing me, I knew I wasn't truly being who I was. I wanted to fit in so I did everything possible for those "friends" even if it meant losing myself in the process. Now I am extremely cautious with who I call a friend and I won't lie, it's even hindered me from creating more friendships because I'm afraid. But those that are my friends, you can see why we are. There is a connection, an understanding of both of our characteristics. It's not one giving more, it's an equal division. My friends always lift me up when I'm beating myself down and even give me tough love, but still love nonetheless. Have you actually sat down to think about the people you surround yourself with? Are they supporting or secretly hating you when you turn your back? 

6. Wear comfortable clothing.

When I'm feeling down about my outward appearance, I find that finding comfortable clothing gives me a boost that other clothing seems to lack. That's why if you haven't noticed, most of my clothing is from American Eagle. Their clothing is so comfortable on my skin and makes me feel good in my body, rash and all. What you find comfortable might be different from what I feel comfortable in and that's totally okay! If you feel comfortable in a full face of makeup with heels and a dress on, do you boo!

At the end of it all, it's what each of us can do for ourselves to find the beauty in the bodies that we have, whatever that is, remember that we're all different for a reason. Let me know what you guys think and please respond to my questions, I'd love to hear what you beauties do for yourselves to feel comfortable in your skins. 

P.S- I'll be posting links to the products that I'm wearing!


Until then, xoxox


Off the shoulder tops

I couldn't find my specific shirt since it is quite old but I did link all the "off the shoulder tops" American Eagle offers! 

AEO Suede Slingback

Again, my sandals are pretty old but I found an extremely similar pair to the ones I'm wearing, except they are suede.