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“Try yoga and meditating, it’ll help” & other things I’ve tried to learn and unlearn in 2017.


“It’s all in your head, it’s not real.”

Who are we to say what is real and what is not? Other people will perceive their lives the way they want to; they will believe in who they want and that is accepted in our society on many levels. But what isn’t okay is to tell someone with a mental illness that it’s all in their head. We are all of what is inside our heads, all of what makes us, us. 


”Try yoga and/or meditating, it’ll help.”

This is not for everyone and that is OKAY. I’m sure it’s because of the fads and everyone trying to say their “enlightened”to be holier than thou but sometimes yoga and meditation doesn’t work, doesn’t mean there aren’t different ways to help ease an anxious mind.


We're not good people all the time. 

Rest your minds, my friends. The people you see on Instagram are not always good people and I know that’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. It’s okay to be mean and hurt and wrong. I know we’re taught to believe being wrong is not the right thing but then again I’m not sure life comes with a manual. We just need to accept the inalienable truth that in order to be “good” one must also understand what it means to be “bad”.


 Be vulnerable. 

People might laugh, I’m sure some will try and belittle you but your vulnerabilities are indeed your strengths. Some have found that truth early on and others are still fighting with the idea, come to peace with yourself and your weaknesses and accept them for what they are. 


Be patient with yourself & others.

It won’t always be easy but when you do it I'm sure you'll feel so good. Please come back and teach me how. 


Understand that letting people go is a gift.

It’s going to hurt but somehow in that hurt, you’re going to find growth. Your vision will clear and understanding will come, this is a gift.


Forgive and Forget.

I know somewhere there’s a quote that says never forget but you deserve to forget. Forgetting is an important part of moving on and healing, it doesn’t mean you’ll let it happen again but that you’ve let yourself grow. Forget my friends and forgive, the worlds needs a lot of this right now.


You are not what people say you are.

Remember what matters is who you are when no one’s looking. We get so worked up when someone tries to define us that we tend to forget who we are. People will always talk but if in your heart you know who you are and whatever anyone says, no one will take that from you.


Travel but not like them.

Take photographs, get lost and enjoy different cultures but stop doing it for their approval. Life is too short to travel for likes. 


Let go of jealousy.

Stop trying to achieve other people’s accomplishments, sometimes you’ll be ahead, and other times you’ll be behind. What matters is what you’re doing for yourself. 


Enjoy life.

However you decide to enjoy your life, just do it. By the time you know it, you’ll be 60 and wonder where it all went. Time is a gift, life is a gift, pain is a gift. Everything that is your life, is a gift. Make the best of it. 



Happy New Year, everyone! I wish nothing but pure love & light to you all in the coming New Year.

Xoxo, Jacklyn