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Anxiety Awareness

My anxiety bucket List (will keep adding more when I remember!)

Creating a bucket list is an easy way to set goals and allow dreams to become a reality. I knew though, that my bucket list had to be different, more understanding of my anxiety disorder but also not limiting me to the many beautiful possibilities of life.


1. Travel the world- Everyone wants to travel the world but many can't due to money, I can't travel due to a fear of flying. With this bucket list though, I want to dream big and give myself the motivation and desire to still have these dreams and goals. One day I know that my fear of flying will be outweighed by the wanderlust emotion that everyone in the world seems to have, the emotion I must have lost along the way while growing up, HAHA!

2. Overcome most of my Triggers (fears, phobias)-  A girl can dream can't she!? I hope that one day, sooner than later (crossing fingers), that something magical happens within my mind and all my fears and phobias disappear! And I know that there is nothing more magical than my own ability to overcome most of my fears but I just wish I could rub a genie and make a wish. "Hey Genie, I WISH TO THINK NORMALLY. Can you do that? Yea GREAT!" But  seriously, I just wish that when I do overcome that trigger that it would never come back again. That has been one of the hardest things that I still have yet to understand about my illness, why do certain triggers come back and effect me so unfortunately? I'm pretty sure I wasn't afraid of Space yesterday, lol.

3. Ending the Stigma for GOOD- In a perfect world (you know the world where you can eat ice cream and never get cavities), I'd love to think that I could be apart of the reason why the stigma behind mental illness disappears from this world for good. In a perfect world, I'd love to think that I could be one of the people recognized for talking about mental health and desensitizing people with photographs of fashion and my up lifting spirit filled with positive affirmations and inspirational posts. I know it's going to take awhile, but I want to be the reason why people with a mental illness don't feel so alone anymore and are able to live life without the fear of judgement, in a perfect world, one that I wish to create (except for the ice cream, I don't think that'll ever happen but we can hope).

4. See Orca Whales in the wild- I LOVE ORCA WHALES, yes I know weird right? But before you think I must be a cat lady or something I'll explain to you why. First, LOOK AT THEIR COLORS, BLACK & WHITE! The perfect color combination ever! #FASHIONWHALE. Seriously though Orca whales are extremely intelligent, family oriented and social mammals. They never leave their mother and their pods. They use their brain to work together and share their food with their pod members. They are also extremely emotional and are self aware. P.S- SCREW SEAWORLD!

5. Be in two states at once- A silly one, but one that I wanted to do ever since I saw "A Walk to Remember". Like come on, who didn't want to do that too! I'm a 90's baby and that literally was like relationship goals. 

6. Drive- I have my license but because of my G.A.D, driving is a bit more difficult for me. I can't really focus properly and think that it would be unsafe for me to drive, so until then I need to practice my concentrating while riding my bike or go-karting, safety first!

7. Learn a new language- I used to understand French perfectly, Ca va? but growing up and not using the language made it difficult to keep up with it. So now all I really know is English and Spanish (more like understanding it, talking it is a whole other topic). Maybe I could relearn French or try Italian! Ciao Bella!

I don't remember anything else at the moment but when I do, I'll post it here. So Until then,

Xoxo, Jacklyn