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Letting Go



I feel that a lot of people correlate letting go with pessimistic emotions and most of the time that is true. But there are those few times when letting go can be relieving and a sign of strength. As I write this, I can only speak for myself but letting go creates so much anxiety within me. It makes me anxious and generates heaps of confusion emotionally. I want to talk about how I deal with these types of situations so that those who are unaware can comprehend why. Like I said before, I can only speak for myself because Anxiety disorders are like snowflakes, there are no two that are exactly the same. And just because I have anxiety attacks when I am in the act of letting go, means that others who have anxiety disorders deal with the same thing. 

Recently I've had to deal with letting go of someone I am extremely close to, my best friend since forever. He's joining the military and before I even really got to understand what was happening, it was already done. I'm not going to get too far into details but I've already let go of one of my other best friends who now is in the Navy. She is 3,000 miles away from me and though I am extremely proud of her for everything she has done and is accomplishing, I still miss her dearly and wish she were here. When she left, I felt so alone for such a while and it didn't hit me until those few weeks where we were unable to talk. I had anxiety attacks left to right, felt out of my body and just downright alone. So now that I am having to let go of another friend again, I understand what I need to do. 

If you are feeling anxious because someone dear to you is leaving, the first step you should do is always express how you feel. If you don't let that out, it'll eat you up inside and it will make you feel worse than you already do. The second step is to understand that you feeling the way you do is normal. Probably one of the most normal things that an anxiety sufferer shares with a normal person is the anxious feeling of letting go; of course our anxiousness is 10x worse but take comfort in knowing that it is perfectly okay to feel that way, trust me. The third thing I would suggest is to make time with the person, make more memories so that when the time comes, you can feel full of good memories. The anxiety is only showing its face because its something out of your comfort zone and its something you don't want to deal with, but if you don't accept that people move on and live their own lives, then you'll forever be dealing with that feeling. And remember that just because they are far away doesn't mean they won't talk to you.

Letting go is always bittersweet, whether it is letting go of a family member, friend, lover, or even a job, you need to look for the valuable lessons taught and the memories that were shared.  And just because we let go, it doesn't mean that it's over. So don't fret my fellow anxiety suffers, change is needed to grow. Until then,

Xoxo, Jacklyn