Earseeds (continuation)

 Comes with its own tweezers; how an earseed looks

Comes with its own tweezers; how an earseed looks

It's been three days since I've had my earseeds on, sometimes I know they are there and then other times, I forget. Putting the earseeds on should require two people, simply because it's hard to look at your own ears and try to place the earseed at the exact location. I thankfully had the help of my fiance and he was the one who inserted mine. But before that, we made sure to look up the instructions very carefully and even watched a few videos on Youtube to make sure we were hitting the right pressure points.

When he put the first one on my ear, it felt uncomfortable but after a while I got used to it. 

Each area that an earseed is placed is suppose to effect a specific emotion on the body. I wanted to make sure that I did everything that was associated with stress and anxiety. There was a tender spot that my fiance put one of the earseeds and it caused me to get a bit dizzy and hot. I don't know if that is suppose to happen but it did and after a while the dizziness went away, but for the three days that I wore them, that one spot was very sore.

My conclusion is that I felt no differences in my anxiety and stress. I still felt the same and if anything a bit more anxious. Of course I will keep trying until the 140 seeds are done because I am an optimists and perhaps I did this totally wrong. Nevertheless, for the second time around I have to wait 8 hours before I put a new set on and with that set, I think I'll head to Modern Sage and asks if the acupuncturists can do it for me and maybe even show me the proper way of placing it and rubbing it. It's all about trial and error and this time was a bust, but having hope! Stay hopeful fellow anxiety warriors, until then,

Xoxo, Jacklyn