Ashley Jacklyn

Latina Photographer in Jersey City.


I am a twenty-seven year old Puerto Rican woman, raised in the beautiful ever changing, Jersey City. I love ice cream, coffee, animals, fashion and am a sucker for Korean dramas.  I'm a photographer with a focus in fashion, lifestyle & stylized portrait photography, social media content creating for small businesses and working towards creating beginner Photoshop & Lightroom workshops. I happen to have a mental illness called Generalized Anxiety Disorder which I openly talk about through my Instagram account, blog and photographic work. In the future I want to also create a self-love healing workshop which will enable young girls and women to find confidence and courage within themselves through photography, mindfulness and listening to other women owned businesses talk about their trials and triumphs.  Through this website, I want to create a safe and open-minded space where both of my worlds, photography and every day life can blend peacefully and allow people to see who I am, perspective clients and all. 

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